Mercy Averlant


Mercy first sought vengeance in Drift under the command of Boni LXXXIV. Under his instruction she acquired a strong reputation for the skilled use of teleporters, completing multiple missions, and asphyxiating scores of hapless guards with Vacuous Space, her self-recharging glitch trap.

Unfortunately, during her second attempt to capture Savien Borsche, the officer who gunned down her father, she was captured by the Glitchers. She was stowed aboard a Glitcher prison ship for months, kept alive by a burning desire for justice, and a meager supply of food.

Unbeknownst to her, a friend, Spica Comfort (under the command of De-Nai'd), was plotting an rescue. Spica had to complete many jobs to build up the required equipment, intelligence and skillset. The effort inspired the liberation of 2 stations in the preparation. Finally, loaded to take on the nastiest drift-creatures short of the Voidmother, Comfort embarked on her mission. Tearing through the Glitcher's prison ship, Comfort slew many guards, teleporting like a specter, gunning down those who had the poor judgement to station themselves in wide open areas. Armor was sundered, and a path of bodies and teleportation ozone was carved through Mercy's prison.

Finally, a path secured, Comfort carried Mercy out to the escape pod. Upon word of Mercy's escape reaching the Drift's network, two new stations were inspired to fight for their liberation.

Comfort, having completed her mission, and led to the liberation of 4 stations, decided to retire, naming her sidewinder "Comfort's Comfortable Distance", selling it to fund her retirement to a small, out of the way moon.

Mercy, given a new lease on life, continued preparing to bring justice to the Glitchers for her father. Her fame increased greatly when she captured a Foundry officer off of a ship that by all means should not have fallen to her. Riding on this heady feeling of being able to accomplish great, nigh impossible things, Mercy decided to try to perform space-capture with her Offworld Angel. Alas, she came into sensor range of the Foundry ship from which she had teleported a guard. The ship opened fire. The missle found its mark. And Mercy fumbled the repair so badly that her Offworld Angel put her off of the Galaxy.

Drift well in the void, Mercy.