The Loyal Drifter


Antares hadn't planned on engaging in makeshift kinteo-orbital mechanics today. The kind of person crazy enough to dive into a warzone improvises, however. The pilot-less, gyrating Foundry corvette in front of him had forced the situation.

He could take his pod, but it had gotten caught in the crossfire. Trying to avoid vaporized by missiles, Antares had cast off in his pod when the crossfire started, only for the pod to catch a missle and end up in a tailspin. Thankfully, Antares had been quick enough to patch all of the fuel leaks, but that left his pod on reserve fuel, as he wouldn't dare to send the core reactor through his patchwork job.

Which meant that he had to figure out another, less fuel-intensive way to reach the prototype he was contracted to steal. Antares braced the looted shotgun against the middle of his chest, counted to try to compensate for the spin of the corvette and pulled the trigger.

The kickback was dampened by his chest plate. It was still a shock, though minor compared the immediate onset of artificial gravity when he passed through the force field. Unfortunately, Antares had landed in the middle section of the three that the ship had been subdivided into by the missile fire. Still, he could try to jump across the space gap.

As soon as he leapt through the force-field, however, the ship's spin caught his suit and spun him out into space.

"Curses", he spat, mostly to himself.

Thankfully, the toss hadn't gotten rid of his shotgun. He lodged it back up against his chest plate, counted off the rhythm of the spin, and fired again.

He still landed in the wrong section. He went out to space again, this time managing to dodge the spin of the corvette. This time, instead of firing a single shot, he used one to position himself, and the other to finesse the landing into the section of the ship that had the prototype.

Now, prototype in hand, it was worth moving the pod in. The spin presented some difficulties, but not nearly as many as is it did with the shotgun.

That shotgun had been Antares' most loyal friend around that derelict ship, propelling him through the drift. Later, after attempting another warzone heist and barely escaping with his life, Antares decided the universe might be telling him that bringing justice to that Sovereign officer might be best left to another agent in the drift.

Before he went back to his home station, he had "The Loyal Drifter" laser-etched on the side of the shotgun that had carried him through the drift when he needed.

Item owner: yumaikas